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About College

The College namely Krishak College, Dheodha-Pakribarawan, Nawada (Bihar) was established in 1978 as a result of the herculian and Bhagirathi efforts of late Shyam Sunder Babu, the freedom fighter and ex.-M.L.A., R/o of Koachgaon, P.S+Block- Warisaliganj, P.O Koachgaon (Nawadah), also former founder of S.N. Sinha College Warisaliganj, Nawada, besides many (+2) schools. This College was affiliated in 1980 to Magadh University, Bodh Gaya and it has been offered permanent affiliation almost in all important subjects of Science and Arts faculties and also running Commerce during the Session 2012-13 awaiting the approval of the State Government, upto Degree level pass and honours three years courses both. Thus this college has seen the fragrance of a long time i.e. 36 years creating a large number of administrative, technological and medical personalities around the country and abroad. Along with Degree courses, this college spreads (+2 syllabi) education also since, then the Bihar Intermediate Education Council was not in existence in the light of the Judgement of the Honorable High Court Patna.

Special attention must be given to the facts that this college is well furnished with Computer Education, appropriate laboratories in Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Geography, Home Science, Psychology etc. and enriched with an apt libraty, a fenced play ground, a girls common room, a book bank, cycle shade to provide better education to the rustics, the minorities and the down- trodden as it is established in an educationally back-ward, rural and minority region. The forest department has planted thousands of trees and these are all almost in their young age that will create a rich source of income for the college.

This college is situated at a far distant rustic area i.e. in Dheodha village of Pakribarawan Block under Nawadah district of Bihar. It has to face the heavy load of large areas and women education. In the west of this college 25 km. far is K.L.S. College, Nawadah, in the south 100 km. far is Jagnath Jain College, Kodarma (Jharkhand), in the east 65 km. far is KKM College Jamui and in the north at a distance of 30 km. is Ramadhin College, Sheikhpura all are colleges of U.G. This college solves the educational problems of higher education. The percentage of the population of this area is as followsi) 30% Backward caste (OBC) ii) 20% EBC iii) 20% SC. iv) 5% ST. v) 15% Minority vi) 10% Others i.e. General But attention must be paid to the facts that about 40% of all students are Girl Students who were bereft of higher education before 1978 because being economically and socially back-ward, they were not able to enjoy higher education by going else where. This college has a vast area of double floored cemented building along with a separate Administrative buildings, Computer Room, Xerox Cabin as well.

It is to be kept in care that under the Act 1956 this college is registered in 2(f) and 12(b) U.G.C., and it is being given assistance for the college development from the financial 11th Plan. Likewise constituent units, students get similar scholarships here with a fine disciplinary organization, prepared by the college under the leadership of the honest and efficient Principal Prof. (Dr.) Ramashrya Singh.

This earth is an excellent gift of God and God invites fragrance and beauty in diversity and puzzles. A coconut looks ugly and hard but it is milky white with heavenly water due to the excellency of Nature. The Principal of this college cant be left aside from this truth. He was born in a very simple farmer family at Singarpur, P.O Sahur, Block Suryagarha, Distt. Lakhisarai on 01-01-1954. His career flourished in TNB College, Bhagalpur and he got M.A. in Political Science from Bhagalpur University. He got Ph.D. in 1995. He decided to serve the down-trodden and the minority through his meagre lenses of knowledge and selected the aforesaid college as his work meditation place. Like an abbot he continued to bloom this college as its founder. As a result, his labour was measured with dozen of awards by several institutions of New Delhi.

He wrote several articles and journals also. His clear conception for everyone is full of innocence and honesty and only for this reason alone this college got prestigious status round the location and abroad the district. He had been a member of academic council Magadh University Bodh Gaya also. This college gets grants by the Bihar Government from 2008 to pay its staffs.

Committee of the College

This college has transparent view to run itself organizing several committees as per the regulations of Magadh University., Bodh Gaya Such as :-
i) Admission committee
ii) Purchase Committee
iii) Committee for maintenance of discipline.
iv) Sports Committee.
v) Library Committee.
vi) Building Committee.
vii) Committee for examination reforms.
viii) Advisory Committee etc.

Courses Offered by the College-

The college has been teaching several Science, Arts and Commerce faculties, upto Honours and Pass level, three years Degree Courses pursuing the syllabi, prepared by Magadh University and B.S.E.B. Patna, Having permanent affiliation in the following subjects.

(a) Science Faculty

Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, Botany, Mathematics

(b) Arts Faculty

History, AI&AS, Geography, Political Science, Economics, Philosophy.

(c) Language Side

English, Hindi, Urdu & Pali.

(d) Commerce.

Note :- This College has been teaching these Subjects also upto Honours and Pass level since 1988 and is awaiting permanent affiliation by the state Government:- Public Adms., Rural Eco., Labour and Social Welfare, Sanskrit, Home Science, Psychology, Sociology & Budhist Studies.

Every Student has to select one subject as Honours Consisting of 200 marks and two subjects as subsidiary consisting of 100 marks each. Apart from Honours and subsidiary subjects a language subject of 100 marks is compulsory for every student, pursuing practical examinations in the needful subjects as per fixed norms and criteria.

Departments of the College

This college Krishak College Dheodha-Pakribarawan (Nawada) has different four sections for the study of different subjects, such as:-

a) Permanent affiliated section in Science Subjects (U.G.) :-

Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, Botany, Mathematics.

b) Permanent affiliated section in arts subjects (U.G.)

History, AI&AS, Geography, Political Science, Economics, Philosophy.

(c) Permanent affiliated section in Language subjects (U.G.)

English, Hindi, Urdu & Pali.

(d) Commerce (U.G.) from the session 2012-13 is being thought waiting for the affiliation by the state government.

Note :- Awaiting permanent affiliation (U.G.) in the subjects listed below :- Public Adms., Rural Eco., Labour and Social Welfare, Sanskrit, Home Science, Psychology, Sociology & Budhist Studies.

Admission Process:

This college arranges an Admission Committee for students upto U.G. Full transparency is maintained and monitored by the admission Committee during the admission process by the strict view of the Principal. The minimum cut off marks and reservation for different categories pursues the guide lines of the state government and then a notice is publicized on Notice Board. After the completion of admission, the institution concerned is informed about it.